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Paddles STÄRKE WING were created as a result of our research on such aspects of swimming that are most challenging not only for beginners but also for experienced and elite swimmers. It is the first phase of swim stroke, often described as ‘catch’ and associated with it ‘feeling of water’.
Such phrases may sounds foreign to a large number of amateurs as it takes years of training to develop the ‘feel’. ‘Feel for the water’ is a very abstract term and often even elite swimmers struggle to explain what does it mean to them.

STÄRKE WING facilitate the correct catch phase which athletes develop during both interval training and specific technical drills, in particular ’sculling’. STÄRKE WING can be used in swimming any style as well as performing different technical drills. In addition these paddles help to strengthen forearm muscles and improve the wrist position.

Key feature of STÄRKE WING is the material they are made of – carbon laminate. The minimal weight of carbon cannot be matched, it also ensures the flexibility and the durability of the paddles. These characteristics allow swimmers to experience a more natural feel for the water which cannot be achieved by using more rigid plastic products.

STÄRKE WING are the most flexible paddles in our range.

Improve your catch and start feeling the water while swimming with paddles STÄRKE WING.



STÄRKE Technical Paddles System (STPS)

Carbon laminate allowed to obtian unique product features not available when using conventional materials,ie: target firmness with specific level of flexibility while keeping feather-light weigth.

Flexibility of multi-layer carbon fibre individually is designed for each product type. Thanks to Waterflex technology our paddles align with the movements of swimmers’ hands allowing to experience superior feel for the water compared with alternative products. The level of flexibility is specific to each paddle type and their size in order to optimise desired product characteristics.

Featherlight – the lightest paddles in the market. Irrespective of the paddle type and their size, a swimmer’s stroke is not affected by their weight. As a result the recovery phase in the swim stroke, feels natural, as if it was performed without using a paddle.

Softlanding – the silicone band wrapped around the STARKE paddle stabilises the paddle under the water and allows for safe push off the wall for swimmers not using a tumble turn. In addition it improves the safety in the pool for all users while reducing risk of injury in case of a contact with another swimmer.

Each STÄRKE product was specifically designed and optimised in order to improve different elements of the swim technique and to strengthen different muscle groups.