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One of the key components of faster swimming is endurance. It is not enough to be strong or sprint fast for a short distance, one needs endurance to maintain the speed and swim fast over a longer competition distance.
STÄRKE FLOW were specifically designed for endurance swim training.

Best swimmers cover longer distances in training at a constant pace. Their cadence does not slow down with the distance covered and their technique stays the same during the entire session.

Often swimmers covering longer distances with paddles, designed for pure strength training, slow down towards the end of a session. This is usual a result of swimming with paddles that create too much additional resistance when athletes struggle to maintain the correct technique or the same optimal cadence throughout the session. Such power paddles are not an ideal tool for endurance training.


While designing STÄRKE FLOW paddles we addressed this issue by reducing excessive resistance surface and maintaining just enough power work benefit of strength training. Paddles STARKE FLOW allow you to train both components elements of swimming at the same time.
STÄRKE FLOW build the strength in a natural way while allowing the swimmer to keep the same optimal cadence throughout longer intervals.

Ergonomic shape of the cut-outs and their placing reduces the area of resistance allowing athletes to maintain higher cadence. The external area creates appropriate resistance and the cut-outs in the middle allow to maintain the natural feel of the water and pressure on hands.

Improve your swim endurance and swim faster in training and in competition.


Swim with paddles STÄRKE FLOW




STÄRKE Technical Paddles System (STPS)

Carbon laminate allowed to obtain unique product features not available when using conventional materials, ie: target firmness with specific level of flexibility while keeping feather-light weigth.

Flexibility of multi-layer carbon fibre individually is designed for each product type. Thanks to Waterflex technology our paddles align with the movements of swimmers’ hands allowing to experience superior feel for the water compared with alternative products. The level of flexibility is specific to each paddle type and their size in order to optimise desired product characteristics.

Featherlight – the lightest paddles in the market. Irrespective of the paddle type and their size, a swimmer’s stroke is not affected by their weight. As a result the recovery phase in the swim stroke, feels natural, as if it was performed without using a paddle.


Softlanding – the silicone band wrapped around the STARKE paddle stabilises the paddle under the water and allows for safe push off the wall for swimmers not using a tumble turn. In addition it improves the safety in the pool for all users while reducing risk of injury in case of a contact with another swimmer.


Each STÄRKE product was specifically designed and optimised in order to improve different elements of the swim technique and to strengthen different muscle groups.